Welcome to UNR Recycling

Recycling    UNR Recycling is divided into two branches -- one branch which handles paper and another which handles all other types of recycling.  This website is dedicated to the branch which handles bottles, cans, and other miscellaneous recyclables. For paper recycling information, click here.

     UNR Recycling provides several services which include the maintenance of over 300 bins on campus. The residence halls have over 100 bins which are located on every floor and emptied twice weekly. Another 200 bins are placed in high-traffic areas on campus and are also emptied weekly. In addition to emptying bins on campus, UNR Recycling also provides services to Lawlor Events Center and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport.

     The recycling program has continued to see growth in recycling on campus. Since 2005, the recycling program has seen a 541% increase in recycling which can be attributed to an increased number of bins (thanks to increased funding) and  a greater awareness of recycling on campus. Currently, the recycling program handles approximately 38,500 pounds of recycling a year.

     If your bin needs to be emptied, you can email us at recycle@unr.edu and our staff will empty your bin as soon as possible. A list of items that are accepted in the recycling bins is provided below.

Items that are Accepted

Aluminum cans
Plastics #1, #2, #5 (i.e. mostly bottle shaped plastics)
Tin cans
Glass bottles
Packing peanuts
Batteries (no car batteries)
Ink and toner cartridges
Plastic Starbucks cups

Items that are not Accepted

Plastics that are not #1, #2, #5
Paper products
Microwave trays
Bottles containing liquids that you wouldn't want to empty by hand (e.g. chewing tobacco)
Aerosol cans
Tin foil
Paper Starbucks cups
Bottles containing sunflower seeds or other trash
Dark/black plastics