Welcome to UNR Recycling


Paper Recycling    UNR strives to help everyone maximize diversion – that is keep as much out of the trash as possible. Most of your common recycling goes into the large blue bins around campus. This includes paper (all types of paper), cans, bottles, plastics. Details are below, but this is the same as the Waste Management Single Stream Recycling Program. Please put flattened cardboard boxes behind the totes like in this photograph.

For help or pickups with these items, please email recycle@unr.edu or call Facilities Operations and Maintenance at 784-8020.

UNR also recycles ink and toner cartridges and rechargeable batteries (alkaline go in the trash). These are handled by EH&S. You can email recycle@unr.edu or call 327-5041 for these pickups. Please let us know building and room as well as how much is there. If the toners and ink are small, just send via campus mail to MS/328.

Computers and other electronic waste (aka “e-waste”) must go through surplus property if it is serviceable or has a UNR property tag. Other material can be picked up by EH&S, again by email to recycle@unr.edu or phone 327-5041.

We also want to remind everyone of the goals which are:

·         Rethink
Rebuy (buy recycled-content products to make a market for what we recycle)

     Items accepted in the large blue totes (common recycleables)

Items that are Accepted

Office paper of all types, including newspaper, magazines, junk mail
Cardboard (flattened behind bin)
Aluminum cans
Rigid Plastics #1 through  #7 (no bags or other film)
Tin cans
Glass bottles
Plastic Starbucks cups (if washed out, no lids or straws)

Items that are not Accepted

Packing peanuts
Batteries (no car batteries)
Ink and toner cartridges
Plastic films (shrink wrap, bags, etc)

Plastic “tear-proof” envelopes
Microwave trays
Bottles containing liquids that you wouldn't want to empty by hand (e.g. chewing tobacco)
Aerosol cans
Tin foil
Paper Starbucks cups
Bottles containing sunflower seeds or other trash